a positive material culture for menstruation

Warm Wall provides women a warm place to lean, alleviate cramps, and commiserate with a friend, a stranger, or alone in the public restroom.

Master of Industrial Design Thesis

Winner of Fast Company’s 2018 World Changing Ideas Awards
Press kit available upon request

For the last century, menstruation has gone hand-in-glove with menstrual hygiene and effectively masking one’s period.

Induction into womanhood means becoming a deft and stealthy user of feminine hygiene technology, in which success is measured in invisibility.

Outside the home, women seldom find accommodations for their time of the month in public places.

Warm Wall portrays menstruation as a shared and common experience.

It acts as a physical and emotional public bench, aiming to build a visible and supportive material culture for periods.

Process Overview

1. Menstruation: An Invisible Material Culture

2. The Ladies’ Room: A Place of Shared Suffering, Empathy, & the Performance of Femininity

3. The Textural Landscape of Hygienic Spaces

4. A Shared Common Experience: Making a Public Bench for Menstruation

5. Women in Repose: Prototyping Physical & Emotional Support

Taking Measurements

Cardboard Prototypes

3D Printed Modular Prototypes

6. Warm Wall

Working Heated Prototype - Slipcast Porcelain Tiles & Electric Heat

Alternate Configurations

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